Friday, May 27, 2011

What year we are doing everything

Bucket List

1. Go all out for themed football games EVERYTIME

2. Go to a restaurant at the middle of the night MULTIPLE TIMES

3. Go to Decades amusement park IF APPLICIBLE

4. All get same color backpack and decorate them/ bejewel SENIOR YEAR

5. Play assassins SENIOR YEAR

6. Play hide n seek in Ikea WHENEVER

7. Relay for life BOTH YEARS

8. TP/ Saran wrap Mrs. Umbay’s house SUMMER 2011

9. Play glow stick tag at the golf course at night SUMMER 2012

10. Rush the field at the football game IF APPLICIBLE

11. Play pterodactyl MANY TIMES

12. Go to a legit Haunted House BOTH YEARS

13. Make a successful Pizooki SUMMER 2011

14. Sell a freshman a pass to the pool SENIOR YEAR

15. Take a road trip MULTIPLE TIMES

16. Find the secret view in auditorium POPS 2012

17. Go to MIM (Music Instruments Museum) WHENEVER

18. Bring a bunch of balloons for everyone’s birthday and decorate their car WHENEVER

19. Chinese fire drill MULTIPLE

20. Go out to eat at a restaurant that is the theme of a dance before the dance

21. Go camping practice SUMMER 2011

22. Have a drug-free rave WHENEVER

23. Bonfire WHENEVER

24. Make scrapbooks of all of this before we go to college SUMMER 2013

25. Go Horseback Riding JUNIOR YEAR
26. Go Camping legit SUMMER 2013

27. Paint balling SUMMER 2012

28. 4-wheeling SUMMER 2012

29. Trip to Grand Canyon SUMMER 2012

30. Dye t-shirts by throwing paint-filled balloons at them SUMMER 2011

31. Dancing in the Rain MULTIPLE TIMES

32. Run through the sprinklers at DV Park on the last day SENIOR YEAR

33. Sleepover at a different person’s house BOTH YEARS

34. Go to Grad night SENIOR YEAR

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rainbow Backpacks

Here is what each color a person has:
Red- Brittney
Orange- Kylie
Yellow- Kendall
Blue- Alyssa
Pink- Delaney

Still More for the List!

32. Dancing in the Rain

33. Run through the sprinklers at DV Park on the last day of senior year

34. Over summer, sleepover at a different persons house each night for a week

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More for the List!!

28. Paint balling
29. 4-wheeling
30. Trip to Grand Canyon
31. Dye t-shirts by throwing paint-filled balloons at them

I was going to make a playlist of songs for our senior year. Give songs you would like to be on there. They are songs that you feel show our friendship, what we have done, or what we will do. For example, Your Love is My Drug would not be a good song for the playlist.